Traffic Smarts for Cyclists: Canada

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Increase your comfort and competence in traffic! No matter what your experience level and what type of riding you do, or want to do • commuting • recreational • touring • triathlon/sport/competitive • this course will help. Learn proven on-road techniques. Find out the laws that apply to cyclists in Canada. Valuable for experienced riders as well as beginners. “Do I have to ride at the edge of the road, or can I control my lane?” • “How can I encourage drivers to give me enough space, and cooperate with me?” • “What laws do I need to follow, and what rights do I have on the road?”  5 hours of core, interactive content incorporating video, descriptive text, photos, graphics, animations, and quizzes. Plus, optional information and techniques. All put into practice by North America's most experienced and skilled instructors. Learn from wherever you are, at your own pace.    View it all at once or a bit at a time.    Return as often as you like to review and improve.   Only $35 CDN for a full year of access! I'm certain that you'll gain valuable insights you can use on your very next ride. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, your money will be refunded. -- Allan Dunlop, The Center for Cycling Education To learn more about this and other online courses, visit our website: Read more

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